What is the Most Eco-Friendly Type of Countertop on the Market?  

We are all working harder to protect our planet by using more recycled products and lowering our impact on the ecology. The Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH offers a variety of eco-conscious products that can help you lower your carbon footprint during your kitchen or bath renovation. Find out which ones will work best for your family.

Recycled Glass Brings Color to Your Counters

Recycled glass countertops use broken chips of glass from soda and wine bottles, jelly jars, car windshields, and a wealth of other post-consumer glass to create a truly unique look in the countertop market. The chips of glass are added to a mold along with resin, concrete, and quartz to create a hard and durable surface. It does not off-gas and can last 10 years or longer. We offer a variety of brands including OceStone, Curava, and Geos. Many fans of recycled glass love the variety of colors available including bright red, blue, and greens in the playful surface.

Durable Quartz Cleans Up after the Quarry

While Quartz counters were not introduced as a green material, they truly do represent the best in reduce and reuse. The ground quartz is a leftover of the granite and quartzite quarry industry. Chunks of stone that are too small to be polished into slabs are crushed into dust. Mixed with resin, colorants, and a few other materials, it is pressed into a slab that is nearly as hard as natural stone and requires no regular maintenance. Many quartz products look almost like natural stone without as many variations in the slab.

Natural Stone uses No Chemicals for Its Stunning Finish

While granite and marble are labor-intensive materials and use large factories to produce the gleaming slabs, they actually use no other additional ingredients to make the surface. They are nearly as organic as you can get. Better yet, a stone countertop can be cut down into smaller pieces for reuse after it is removed from your kitchen. Its natural durability can also help you extend the life of your kitchen, reducing the need for another renovation in a decade.

Look for the NSF Label

Your kitchen counters are the primary prep surface for your family’s meals. A countertop that uses a chemical sealant may leech harmful compounds into your food. It is recommended that you look for the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) seal on your countertop and any sealants used on its surface to reduce the number of toxins in your home environment.

Many other types of counters, including laminates, are now using more eco-friendly ingredients in their production and construction. While you are shopping for a new countertop at The Countertop Shop, make sure to ask our sales representatives about the latest in green materials available to our Ohio customers.