Ultra-Compact Surface Countertops: A Fashion Friendly and Durable Option for Your Outdoor Kitchen  

You have dreams of a massive outdoor kitchen complete with cabinetry and counters. You love the look of polished granite, but have been warned that it may wear and crack if used in a freezing outdoor environment. Are there other options? The pros at the Countertop Shop suggest that you might like the look, feel, and performance of an ultra-compact surface.

The Look of Granite with Superior Performance

Dekton Countertops are a manufactured solid surface material, but the process used to create it produces a material with many of the same abilities as natural marble or granite. At the factory, a blend of stone dust and adhesives are combined and poured into a mold. Intensive pressure and heat mimic the process that natural stone undergoes deep in the Earth. The result is a product that is extremely hard, resists scratches, and will not fade under the sun.

Pick Your Color and Texture to Best Match Your Outdoor Decor

Perhaps the best part of going with a man-made surface is that you get to choose the color and texture for your outdoor kitchen. The process is able to create a final finish that mimics the look of wood, solid colors, speckles, or echoes the subtle veining found on premium marble. Because you are using it outside, you can ask for a nubbly texture that will not be as slippery when it is raining.

Bring samples of patio tiles, upholstery, and even snaps of lighting choices so you can find the best match for your outdoor kitchen design.

Manufacturing Process that Creates a Stunning Appearance without Sacrificing Function

Are you dreaming of an outdoor kitchen that matches the look and feel of the indoor version? Almost anything you can do with a countertop inside can be applied to an ultra-compact surface counter. Waterfall, ogee, and beveled edges are all possible. Go for an island. Install faucets and sinks. In the end, you may not be able to see or feel the difference between your outdoor and indoor countertops. Now, that is truly a custom solution.

A Stylish Option for Other Wet Work Areas

The Dekton countertops are also a great option for your greenhouse or crafting workshop. Imagine creating a conservatory overflowing with lush greenery! Your ultra-compact surface is happy to get muddy while repotting and can be easily cleaned up. Even after years of abuse from watering pots, trowels, and tools, it will continue to add beauty and substance to your favorite room in the house.

Would you like to see and touch a Dekton compact surface in person? The Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH has a complete selection of samples on display in our full-service showroom. Compare all the possibilities and find the perfect outdoor countertop solution for your backyard upgrade!