Two-Tone Countertops: Trending Styles for Your Contemporary Home

Are you designing a kitchen for your new home or for a long-awaited renovation? Does it seem like no matter what counters you look at you are left unimpressed? Discover how you can break out of a traditional design that focuses on beige counters and wood-tone cabinets to create a contemporary space that reflects your modern lifestyle. One design feature many homeowners are choosing is two different countertops in contrasting colors.

All White Kitchen Just too Much? Break it Up with Contrasting Counters

Soapstone countertops

Perhaps you have a white kitchen in mind with light flooring, stark white cabinetry, and perhaps a pale marble counter. But that ocean of white is leaving you wishing for something else. Use a dark countertop for your island and give a focal point to the space. Perhaps the back wall of the kitchen is always in shadow–a lighter counter under the cabinets can help to chase away the shadows.


Complementing Cabinets and Sharing Space with Your Family Room

Open concept living continues to dominate new home design. However, how do you make the transition from a beautiful white kitchen to the cozy living area? Consider using a darker counter for the island or l-shape section that faces the TV and couch area. This can soften the change from work to lounge area and give you greater latitude in introducing other colors and textures throughout the entire floor.

Countertops Designed to Bring a Pop of Color into Your Space

Maybe you love color! Think about looking at manufactured solid surface or a recycled glass countertop. These materials are available in the entire rainbow of colors. Opt for a traditionally colored counter along the walls and then give voice to your personality with an island in bright blue or solid red. This look easily complements the popular industrial design that often emphasizes metal and dark stone.

Other Top Trending Ideas

Are you hoping to add texture or other materials to your design? Quartz counters can be completely customized by tinting the material during the manufacturing process. Request bold gold veining or sparkles of silver. Give your contrasting island even more of a spotlight when you opt for a full-backsplash that matches your main countertops and unifies the rest of the kitchen space.

Get Help from the Pros and Shop with Confidence

If you just can’t make up your mind, take the time to consult with the pros in our countertop design center. Our sales specialists have years of experience in assisting customers to create a living space they can love for decades. Our showroom is packed with samples and full-size displays so you can see exactly how your design will appear when completed. Of course, if you desire an in-home consultation, we are happy to come to you with samples and suggestions.

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