Top Tips for Selecting Your Slab for Your Granite Countertop

Is it time to choose the granite for your Monclova, OH kitchen or bath remodel? That is when The Countertop Shop invites you to visit our showroom and make your choice in person. Besides picking the stone that speaks to you, what else do you need to take into consideration? We suggest that you follow these quick tips when making your choice, as it will be a decision that you will live with for many more years to come.

Picking a Color that Complements Your Cabinets, Flooring, and Tile

Our design assistants always suggest that shoppers bring samples of their kitchen or bath project with them when searching for the perfect slab of granite. You might think that the dark gray granite with veins of bronze and flecks of silver is very dramatic alone, but it might not deliver the desired effect when paired with that busy tile of blue and green that you chose. Hold your samples up against the stone and even stand back to take in the combination for a moment. You are living with this decision for years, so choose wisely.

Dramatic Veining that Grabbed Your Attention

What about that bold stripe of veining? If you run your fingers over it and detect a rough surface, just remember that it will be like that in your kitchen. If there is just one bold stripe, where in the layout will it appear? On the island? In a corner? If it snared your attention while on the rack, it will do the same in the kitchen. If you are uncertain, ask to see another slab with similar colors without the bold color contrast.

One Slab or Two Needed for Your Larger Kitchen Reno

If you are planning a truly epic kitchen that opens onto an even larger entertaining area, you might be looking at a very large countertop. Granite is sliced off a singular block into the pieces you see in the showroom. Slices from one block will not match or complement a slice from another block even when it comes from the same quarry. When you need extra square footage to finish your kitchen or bath, make sure that multiple slabs from the same block are available for your project.

Contrasting Island? Check out the Remnants for Inspiration

Are you planning an all-white kitchen highlighted by a huge island in the center? Trending home design often includes a bold contrasting countertop for that island. If your island will be on the smaller side, ask to see our remnants–ends left over from other kitchen and bath remodels. You may find the perfect piece of granite without spending extra on the entire slab.

Schedule your personalized shopping experience by giving The Countertop Shop a call today. Our sales experts will guide you through every part of the selection process and provide real world examples of cabinet, counter, and tiling choices in our stunning Monclova, OH showroom.