The Surprising Color Options Available for Granite Countertops  

So, you are planning out your bathroom or kitchen renovation and have visions of a bold countertop. Did you cross granite off your list because you think it is all about single shades of gray or brown? When you visit our showroom at The Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH, you might be shocked to find an array of options in the colors of the rainbow.

Gray Granite Complements Your Contemporary Kitchen

Yes, gray granite is still produced in the quarries of the Northeast. You may recognize its consistent color with flecks of quartz glittering in the sun from climbing the stairs at your city hall or as curbing around town. When it is cut into thin slabs and polished, it creates a signature centerpiece for your new kitchen finished in shades of gray. Each slab will feature slight variations.

Pink, Rust, and Sparkle Bring Life to White Decor

Another common type of granite quarried across the USA is pink granite. The pink may appear as a subtle shade of rust, in small spots, over the entire slab, or as incursions in a slab of gray or white. The sparkles seen in many granite slabs are pieces of quartz that capture the light, lending a sense of motion to your slab of stone. Now that granite is also brought in from across the globe there is a greater variety of color variations.

Bold Stripes and Swirls of Black, White, and Blue

Perhaps one of the most exciting trends in granite counters is the bold blacks that are appearing in showrooms. Layered striations in the mountain face result in almost patterned stripes across the slab. The contrasting colors may come in blocks, spots, and swirls. They create a dramatic statement against white cabinets, pale gray floors, and colorful canisters. Some blacks even appear blue in the right light, adding yet another dimension to your decor palette.

Subtle Shades for a Calming Effect

If your kitchen is your oasis, and you love using beige, brown, and cream throughout your home, you will find a slab destined to match your decor. The brown and yellow hues complement the natural wood tones of custom cabinets and give the space a vintage appeal. By selecting these subtle shades, your white serving ware and black appliances will make a strong statement in the room.

The only way to know if granite is the perfect choice for your project is to see and touch it in person. Make an appointment with the Countertop Shop for your tour and discover a wide range of slabs just waiting to be customized. We are located out by the Toledo Express Airport on Route 2 in Monclova.