Soapstone Countertops: A Natural Stone with Vintage Appeal

Do you love the idea of a natural stone countertop, but have not found a granite or marble slab that really speaks to your sense of style? Soapstone Countertops from the Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH may be the perfect option for your new or remodeled kitchen. This hard, dense stone is found in an endless choice of shades from dark gray to almost a silvery appearance. You may find pieces with dramatic graining of copper or quartz or a nearly solid look.

A Silky Touch with a Unique Look

When you run your hand over a soapstone counter, you may notice a soft and silky feel to the surface. That is due to a high level of naturally occurring talc in the stone. Granite often has a slick or slight pebbled texture as you can feel the different colored flecks. Soapstone has been used for centuries as a durable option for workspaces, sinks, and watering troughs in barns. If you visit an antique or architectural salvage stop, you can find intact examples that demonstrate how it beautifully darkens with age.

Daily Care for Soapstone is Easy and Chemical Free

Soapstone can be porous and does require annual sealing. You only need to use gentle soap and water to wipe up any spills and remove excess oil from the surface. If you want your soapstone to attain that aged, deep, dark patina sooner, you can apply very light coats of oil to speed the process. When left to age on its own, it will darken faster in areas that see heavier use.

Perfect Choice for Rustic or Industrial Design Looks

If you want a stone counter that brings a cozy atmosphere to your new kitchen, soapstone is a great choice. It can add a rustic feel to a room filled with white cabinetry or give dark walnut cupboards a sense of warmth. Often found in older factory buildings, it is a great way to give your industrial design loft apartment a touch of authenticity. Are you building an outdoor kitchen or patio? The natural tones in soapstone work well with most architectural stone while giving you a quality work or serving surface.


If you would like to see some samples of soapstone counters in a real-life situation, come visit our showroom at The Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH. You will have the opportunity to see the variety of available tones next to many trending cabinet and flooring options and see how it will look in your own home. Give us a call to schedule your personal appointment with one of our countertop specialists today.