clients checking countertop stone material

Shopping Small is Shopping Smart for Your Granite Countertop  

Are you planning to do a major kitchen or bath renovation? While your local home improvement store is a great place to start to gather inspiration, it is not the best place to make your final decisions. When it is time to select your finishes and need professional guidance for installation, turning to a smaller family-owned business like The Countertop Shop in Monclova is your best bet.

Working with Experienced Custom Countertop Experts

While those big box stores do have clerks hiding in every aisle, they often do not have your answers. When you visit our local showroom for your granite countertops, you will work with an experienced sales or installation technician. We are always ready with an accurate solution to your question. There is no need to wait for the trained pro to come into the shop.

See and Touch the Actual Granite Destined for Your Kitchen

Walk into our showroom and see real-world examples of stone installed on counters, floors, and backsplashes. Tour our collection of slabs and pick the one that speaks to your particular sense of style. You see the entire piece and can even pick which part of the slab will be your work surface and what parts will be cut out for the sink. If you order granite from a small sample, you may be surprised by unexpected veining or color variations.

Visit the Fabricating Shop and Answer All Your Questions

Are you wondering exactly how that giant block of granite will turn into your custom counter? If you work with a home improvement store, they send the work to an unknown factory that could be in town or several states away. When you work with The Countertop Shop, you can take a peek into our on-site fabrication shop. See for yourself how our CNC machines precisely cut and polish your slab until it is ready to be sent to the site for installation.

Supporting Local Business and Artisans with Your Purchase

Where does your money go when you shop at a national chain? It can be something of a mystery. At the Countertop Shop, you are directly supporting a successful local business. We employ a sales staff, shop fabricators, and an experienced installation team ready to travel to your Toledo area home. We also mentor students interested in entering the industry. More of your hard-earned dollars stay right here in our town. Together we are building a stronger local economy in uncertain times.

Come explore all the design options for your granite countertop when you visit the showroom at The Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH today. We are open six days a week and into the evenings on Monday and Wednesday. We look forward to meeting more of our neighbors!