Recycled Glass Countertops: Where Does the Glass Come From?

Have you heard about recycled glass counters, but want to know more about how they are fabricated? Curava products are just one of the brands that we offer at The Countertop Shop to our Monclova, OH area customers and clients. These glass counters offer a smart and cost-comparable option for customers that want a similar look and performance of stone while reducing their carbon footprint during the kitchen or bath renovation process.

Curava Recycled Glass Surfaces

We offer a variety of eco-conscious countertop materials at the Countertop Shop with the Curava brand being one of the most popular options on our shelves. This product uses 60% recycled glass, 30% quartz, and 10% resin to create unique color combinations in a beautiful solid surface. We are able to produce custom counters here in our shop using similar machinery that cuts granite, quartz, or soapstone slabs.

Removing Glass from Post-Consumer and Post-Industrial Garbage Stream

Curava counters work with recycling and garbage processing centers around the globe and redirect a variety of glass products out of the landfills and disposal sites. The glass used in these counters comes from old windows, automotive windshields, jars, bottles, and other consumer, commercial, and industrial applications. The glass is sorted according to color and smashed into bits ready to mix with the resin and quartz, then poured into molds.

Durable and Easy-to-Clean Counters in all the Colors of the Rainbow

Once the glass, quartz, and resin compound is poured into molds, it is baked and cured resulting in a surface nearly as hard as natural stone. It resists scratches, cracks, and stains. You can expect your glass counters to provide 20 years of service or longer. Its smooth surface requires no sealants and can be clea

ned with standard non-abrasive cleaning products. If you do get a crack or scratch, we are able to create a nearly invisible repair.

Same Installation Technique as Quartz Counters

Perhaps the best news for shoppers that are seeking an eco-friendly option for kitchen renovations is that Curava glass counters, and other recycled glass products we offer, all have the same installation guidelines as standard quartz counters. This means that your technician has all the training and experience needed for a seamless and drama-free installation.

The showroom at The Countertop Shop has a huge selection of recycled glass counter samples on display next to a prime example of a counter in a real-world application. You will be able to touch and see the value that this greener option offers while making a side-by-side comparison with our natural stone, laminate, and quartz samples. Give us a ring today and get your Monclova, OH kitchen or bath renovation kick started today.