Picking a Countertop for Your Bright and Colorful Kitchen Renovation  

Are you planning a major kitchen renovation for your Toledo area home but are uninspired by the often stark designs found on DIY TV and home improvement websites? You need color in your home. The great news is that you can bring exciting tones into your kitchen with colored cabinets. But what about your countertop? At The Countertop Shop in Monclova, we always recommend that you visit our showroom to fully appreciate the options. The choices may surprise you.

Colorful Undertones are Also Found in Natural Stone

Did you know that some slabs of granite, quartzite, and marble not only feature the usual shades of brown, white, black, and gray, but they often have inclusions that show off the rainbow? Take your time when visiting our countertop showroom and explore all the possibilities. You will find slabs with streaks of dark green, blue, and rusty reds. Yellow gold flecks can bring warmth into the space and highlight your white cabinetry.

Bring a Cabinet and Flooring Sample when Shopping Slabs

Many people think of countertops as the ultimate neutral surface in a home, but each piece is unique. We always recommend that you bring samples of all the finishes for your project when you come to pick out your granite slab. Make sure that your bold decorating choices do not clash with an impulsive love affair with a particular piece of stone. Even quartz options may have subtle streaks of color mixed into its surface.

A True Neutral Countertop Sets Your Decorating Choices Free

Maybe it is your cabinets that are intended to steal the show. Do you have a set of bright red cookware? Are you always bringing home big bouquets of blooms? Selecting a granite or marble countertop with a true neutral colorway lets you make those exciting choices without fighting with the static background. Yes, you can order the hunter green cabinets or go with a multi-colored tiled floor when you keep the work surface simple.

Ultimately, you can buck the trends and build a kitchen that soothes your inner artist. Come visit us at The Countertop Shop in Monclova and see for yourself a huge range of creative options. The result will be a room unlike any other in your neighborhood!