Pairing the Perfect Granite Countertop to Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors  

While you are planning your kitchen remodel, it is always wise to carefully think about the color choices that you make before the cabinets and counter are installed. Our in Monclova, OH always has selections of trending colors for kitchen cabinetry paired with natural stone counters on display, so you can see how it will all come together in the end. Until you visit, consider some of these trending colors when thinking about floors, tiles, counters, and even your dinnerware.

Bold Black is Back

When you have gone for a tuxedo color choice for your cabinetry, consider that there can be too much of a dark thing. If you desire that formal dress appearance, look for a creamy marble counter with little veining. A sparkling backsplash in silver or gold provides the jewelry. You will always be able to color coordinate through the use of linens, china, and a full fruit bowl.

Subtle Shades of Blue

A popular choice throughout the home continues to be the color blue. Currently, the shades vary from bold royal to pale nearly gray. Look for a granite slab with bold contrast in its speckles. Bright white, dark gray, and inclusions of bronze or gold give the eye something to latch onto while the cabinets stage the background.

Timeless Elegance of Wood

There are nearly as many shades of wood stain as colors of granite. You will want to bring a sample piece of the stained cabinets with you to our countertop showroom. Some stains include subtle shades of red, yellow, gray, and even green in their depths. The granite that you choose should support all of the variations in the grain without clashing.

Clean and Crisp White

Yes, you envision a huge kitchen that is clad in white from the ceiling to the flooring and everything in between. However, to avoid that institutional stark look you may want to bring some warmth into the room with a slab of granite in light yellow gold or shades of dark gray. Some slabs of natural stone are nearly uniform in color, while other catch every glint of the sun. With white as a background and a neutral stone countertop, you can add a splash of color to the tiles.

Eternal Spring

Green is always a good choice for cabinets. Its natural color will never fight with whatever countertop you fall in love with at the store. If you love living in the rainbow, green invites red, blue, and yellow to come in and make things interesting. That leaves you open to redecorate the space as fashions change.

There is only one way to guarantee that your choice of cabinets will complement your vision for a granite countertop. Call the Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH and schedule a design appointment at our showroom. Bring samples of your cabinet, floor, and tile choices so you can pair them up with the perfect work surface.