My Marble Kitchen Countertop Cracked! Can it be Fixed?  

You spent a small fortune to have the perfect piece of marble installed in your new kitchen. There was an accident and now there is a chip, crack, or even a missing piece! Can marble be repaired, or will you be laying out another major investment to have it replaced? Over at the Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH, we are here to reassure you that many types of damage can be fixed.

Cracks, Chips, and Visible Seams can be Conquered

Some small dings and chips can be fixed by you with the right materials and a little bit of time. If you desire a flawless finish, you can always call in a countertop installation professional to restore its appearance.

You will need a tube of epoxy designed for use with stone, some tape, curing tape, some sandpaper, and an LED light–like a small flashlight. Basically, the epoxy is carefully applied to the divot in the countertop surface. It is allowed to dry. Sandpaper polishes it down to a smooth finish so that when you run your finger over the dent or crack, you can no longer feel it. The epoxy is an opaque finish. Your countertop installer may have color additives to help it vanish. Check with our customer service reps for a countertop repair kit.

Carved Edges Require Professional Attention

If your stone countertop is finished with a carved and shaped edge and it is damaged, you will most likely need to bring in a professional repair person. The repair process is much the same as fixing a small chip, but the unique shape of the edge requires added attention and skill to get a repair that blends in with the rest of the counter.

If a piece broke off, try to keep as many of the pieces as possible–even very small ones. The less fill that is needed to seal the crack after reattaching the piece, the better the final appearance.

A Countertop Technician Arrives with All the Right Supplies

While most repairs can be done using the few supplies needed for small chips, when you call in your local countertop professional, we will arrive with everything needed for the best outcome. We have dyes and speckled additives to match the fix to the stone. We have the molds and templates needed for erasing cracked edging. We use the same polishing process as at the factory, so you cannot feel the repair.

Can we fix your cracked countertop?

Yes. Most of the time, the answer is yes. If you have a minor or major defect in your natural stone countertop and you live in the greater Toledo area, give the Countertop Shop a call today! We can schedule an in-home repair appointment and restore the elegant appearance of your kitchen or bath.