Mix and Match: Buying the Perfect Stone Countertop to Complement Your Must-Have Vessel Sink

Your bathroom renovation is moving along, and now it is time to start picking your finishes, including a new vanity counter and vessel sink. At The Countertop Shop we always recommend that you bring any samples or fixtures that you have chosen with you when deciding which slab will perfectly complete your design. But before you load everything into the car, take a moment to consider what type of stone will go best with your stunning new vessel sink.

Simplify Your Design with a White Porcelain Sink

White porcelain fixtures remain a timeless choice for bathroom upgrades. Its glossy and durable single-color finish lets you select any color, texture, and quality counter without fear of clashing designs. A light gray marble will add an air of elegance while soapstone lends an industrial modern feel to the bathroom.

Amp Up the Drama with a Sculpted Glass Bowl

If you fell in love with a glass vessel sink, it may be finished in any rainbow of colors. It may have bubbles, unique shaping, and a life of its own. It will be the centerpiece of your en-suite spa. You will want to choose a granite or quartz with smaller flecks and minimal veining so that the glass sink remains the star of the show.

Be Bold When You Opt for a Bronzed Finish

Metal finishes are one of the fashion trends in bathroom fixtures that ebb and flow with the times. Currently, bold bronzed finishes can be found on steel and enameled vessel sinks. Its dark and moody appearance will look amazing when paired with a light brown or almond counter and white cabinetry. If the bronze has a smooth look, opt for a quartzite or marble counter with large contrasting inclusions to add movement to the room.

Unify Your Look with a Matching Stone Sink

Yes! You can have a vessel sink crafted out of granite, marble, or soapstone. You will need to work carefully with the sink artisan and your custom countertop technician to ensure that the stone used for the sink and vanity will be a good match. When it is complete, you will have a unique oasis that resembles your favorite spa.

Rectangles, Ovals, Squares, and Waterfalls

Perhaps you saw a vessel sink on display and like the idea of a bowl sitting atop your vanity, but were not totally taken in by its shape. As this new style of sink took off, manufacturers began to experiment with a variety of shapes to suit all tastes. Now you can find a vessel sink with a pedestal and waterfall effect. Some are wide and shallow. Others bring back Victorian times with painted flowers decorating its delicate edges. This is truly your chance to place your personality on a typically utilitarian room.

Did you know? The showroom of The Countertop Shop out in Monclova, OH features more than a huge selection of quartz, granite and marble for custom countertops. We also display a variety of popular faucets and sinks so that you can get a better picture of your final project while checking out your options. Come on down today and fuel your inspiration for a modern and stunning new bathroom.