Matte Finish for Your Kitchen Counters: Is it a Great Idea or a Fad Doomed to Fail?  

Have you noticed that your favorite home improvement shows have been crafting unique and edgy designs for their kitchens? The huge expanse of stone counters seems to absorb the bright overhead lights, creating a soothing and welcoming decor. That counter likely features a matte or honed finish, one of the hottest trends in current kitchen design. But is it something that you want in your own home?

What is a Matte or Honed Finish for Granite Counters?

Most granite counters installed over the last 50 years have a polished surface. It is smooth to the touch, is highly reflective, and is easy to clean. A matte finish is not polished to the same degree. It has a dull appearance that absorbs light and is silky to the touch. It is a finish that is commonly used on marble tops, as marble develops a patina over time that matches the honed finish.

Why Matte Finish is Trending in Current Kitchen Design

Matte finish counters look right at home in a space completed in a rustic or hot urban industrial style. The honed look gives the counter the look of a surface that has been working hard for decades. It welcomes you to fill your coffee cup and settle in for a morning catchup with news or gossip. It also sets your design apart from every other kitchen on the block.

What You May Not Like About a Matte Finish Counter

While a matte finish counter may look pristine when it is first installed, it is much harder to maintain that like-new appearance. It requires constant sealing to prevent stains from drink glasses. The surface is more likely to be damaged by knives or a metal pot with a rough bottom. It will age as you put it to work every evening. If you love the look of a glistening white kitchen that never looks old, a honed counter may not be the best choice for you.

Polished Counters have Set the Standard for Decades for a Reason

Even before granite counters became the standard in home design, laminates reigned supreme for nearly 100 years. Their smooth shiny surface makes wiping up spills a snap. The reflectivity of a polished surface brightens a space dominated by floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and cooking utensils. The stain resistance associated with a polished top takes the work out of maintaining your home.

Think About Your Lifestyle and What You Love About Your Kitchen

If you love spending hours in your kitchen whipping up meals and desserts for friends and family, you may have a more relaxed approach to its appearance. You know that your sharpened knives have a sheen only achieved by hours of chopping. The flour bin always is dusted with remains of the last pie. A matte finish counter is valued in many Old World neighborhoods where a well-worn kitchen is viewed as a well-loved home. If this is how you see yourself and your kitchen, a honed or leather-finish counter will suit you perfectly. If you spend your time cleaning your kitchen to serve as a visual centerpiece for your home, you may be happier with the traditional high-gloss finish.

If you would like to see real-world examples of both matte and high-gloss finishes for granite and marble counters, come visit us at The Countertop Shop. Located out on Airport Highway in Monclova, we specialize in creating custom counters for our Toledo area neighbors.