Marble Counters: A Dramatic Accent for Your Modern Kitchen or Bath

You know that you want a natural stone countertop for your next kitchen or bath remodel, but which one is right for you? At The Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH, we stock all the most popular types of counters from laminate to man-made solid surface to marble. If you have always loved the look of marble, but are not too sure if it is right for you, read on to learn more about this stunning and versatile product that is found in homes and public buildings around the world.

A Natural Stone Available in the Colors of the World

Marble is a metamorphic rock that is made out of limestone that has been subjected to eons of heat and pressure creating a hard and lustrous material we love to add to homes, businesses, and art forms. You can find marble counters in a wide rainbow of colors from that iconic white to nearly black with subtle variations appearing everywhere in between. When other materials such as mica, quartz, pyrite, and other rocks form alongside the marble, you end up with other colors that can include green, rose, blue, and yellow. We source marble slabs from quarries around the globe, providing you the widest range of options possible.

Veining: What Is It?

Many customers ask for a marble countertop because they enjoy the look of dramatic veining that is common in many slabs of marble. These veins are natural incursions of other types of rock within the marble deposit. While they may have different density compared to the white, gray, or black marble, when polished you will likely never be able to feel the difference in the stone. For the purpose of countertops, the veining is purely a visual benefit. The veining is not manufactured.

Edges that Complement Your Style


Have you always wanted a rounded edge to your counters? Or perhaps you dream of a waterfall edge in your new kitchen. Marble can include a variety of popular edging designs including a half bullnose, beveled, ogee, and waterfall. You are able to select the edge when you choose the slab of marble that you want to use in your kitchen design. The edges are shaped during the cutting process on our robotic table saws.

Caring for Your Marble Counters

While marble is possibly the most beautiful of natural stone, it will need some basic maintenance on an annual basis to keep that rich sheen and to protect it from stains. It only takes an hour or so to clean the countertop and apply a sealant so that it is ready to take another year as your most used work surface in your home.

Now that you know more about marble, wouldn’t you like to see and touch some in person? Give us a call at the Countertop Shop to set up your personalized shopping experience. You might be surprised at the colors and affordability of this beautiful material.