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Beautiful, Economical & Versatile

Since 1927, laminate has been one of the most popular surface materials for countertops due to its cost and a large selection of color and design options. Although it’s often scoffed at by natural material lovers, through the decades high-pressure laminate has improved not only in appearance but in durability and functionality. It is affordable, bacteria and stain resistant, and does not require sealing. The wide-array of color and apparent texture makes laminate easily incorporable into virtually any kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room design.


  • Affordable
  • Stain, scratch, and moisture resistant
  • Endless choices of color and patterns that replicate stone, wood, and stainless steel
  • Nearly maintenance free; soap and water clean up
Design Options

Design Options

Laminate can be formed in virtually any color or pattern desired. This allows it to be incorporated into new design trends with ease. Patterns can range from solid colors to geometric forms, dots, swirls, or intricate designs such as quilting. Laminate can also mimic nearly any other surface including wood grains, granite, marble, quartz, and even stainless steel. In choosing a laminate countertop, it is worth noting that laminate has evolved from a surface that allowed only drop-in sinks to now being able to accommodate an acrylic sink undermounted for a nearly seamless design.



The price of laminate is among the lowest of all countertop surfaces and can provide even the most budget-minded consumers the look and feel of more expensive natural surfaces at a fraction of the cost.

Easy Maintenace

Daily cleaning and maintenance of laminate countertops are fairly easy. Dust the surface with a soft cloth and use either plain water or a mild soap when wiping the counter down.

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