Kitchen Countertops: Can I Chop Veggies on the Counter and other Common Questions

If you are thinking about changing out your kitchen cabinets and counters, you are probably wondering what you can do to protect your home improvement investment. At the Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH, we are here to help you with any of your countertop care questions. Ask away!

Can I Chop Veggies on My Granite Countertop?

Of course, you can! As a hard, natural stone, granite does a good job of resisting scratches, but it is not impervious. Its polished surface can become dull over time when scratched repeatedly by knives and other kitchen utensils. While you probably won’t notice a deep scratch with the first cut, over time there will be a noticeable difference. Use a cutting board, even a matching granite one, to protect your investment.

Will a Hot Pot Burn My Marble Counter?

Maybe. While your marble counter won’t melt under the heat of a hot pan, it can discolor or be scratched. The worst-case scenario is if the thermal shock of the hot pan creates a crack in the stone. It is always wise to use a trivet or hot pad when placing a hot pot or baking pan on the countertop.

A Natural Stone Counter will Never Crack, Right?

Never is a very long time. Your granite or marble countertop will be able to withstand far more abuse than a manufactured solid surface or laminate counter, but it is not indestructible. Heavy sharp objects dropped on the counter from a height can cause a crack. It is also feasible for it to crack due to an extreme and sudden change in temperature. The most susceptible part of the counter is the edging, which can chip off when subjected to a heavy impact. But, for daily use, there is very little you can do to it to make it crack.

Do Laminate Counters Always Show Scratches?

This budget friendly material is often dismissed as the one that will show damage the most. While this is true when compared to a beautiful natural stone counter, the fact is that laminate will stand up to scrubbing and even some food preparation without losing its shine or smooth surface. It remains the go to product for a large segment of the residential countertop sector due to its durability, wide range of colors, and ease of installation. Use a cutting board, and your laminate will look like new for years.

How Long will a New Kitchen Countertop Last?

Laminate counters will survive your kitchen antics for at least 10 years and up to 20 before they are simply worn out. Quartz and recycled glass counters offer a similar lifespan, with some warranties starting at 15 years. A granite or marble countertop can literally last a lifetime if they are properly maintained using a proper sealant and cleaners that protect the polished surface.

If you have more questions regarding which countertop material is best for your family, give us a ring at the Countertop Shop. Our experts are always here to help. If you have damage to an existing counter, we may even be able to help you have it repaired.