How are Granite Countertops and Vessel Sinks Installed in Your Remodeled Bathroom?  

Vessel sinks are trending! This contemporary twist on the traditional pitcher and bowl is becoming more popular with every day. Many of the customers at The Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH are asking if it is more difficult to have a vessel sink installed with a new granite or stone countertop. We have got the answers!

Selection of Vanity, Tile, Faucet, Sink, and Counter come First

When the plans for your remodeled bathroom include a new vanity, custom counter, and modern vessel sink, you need to make all the choices for your finishes at the beginning. You will need to take into consideration the height of the sink to determine the proper height to order for your vanity. All the pieces come together like a jigsaw puzzle at the end, so you need to know how they will fit together. Have your contractor join you at the showroom to ensure that every final decor choice will actually work.

Installation of Flooring, Walls, and Vanity

Before you install the new vanity, you will need to have the new floor tiles put down, grouted, and cured. Now is the time to paint the walls, patch any old holes, and even change out the mirror. As long as the position of the sink along the wall is not changing, you won’t need to have a plumber in yet. Your carpenter must line up the new vanity with the pipes coming through the wall for a proper fit and secure the cabinet to the wall.

Measurement to Cut and Install Your Custom Granite Countertop

Now that the vanity is in place, your countertop installation technician from the Countertop Shop will come out to take a template to cut your counter. The granite or marble is cut in our own factory right here in town. They then return to install the counter. They will need the faucet ad vessel sink present to line up the cuts for water supply and the drain. Some vessel sinks sit down in the counter a bit. If this is your design choice, the cut for the bowl may be made at the factory.

Installation of Faucet and Vessel Sink At Last

It is recommended to have your plumber on site at the same time as the countertop installer. The faucet is first installed, connecting the hot and cold supply lines. Next, the drainpipe is mounted to the vessel sink. A silicon adhesive is applied to the bottom of the vessel sink to secure it to the stone counter. The sink is flipped over, and the drainpipe fed through the hole in the counter. The drainpipe connection is made in the bottom of the vanity. The adhesive for the sink must cure for a day or two before use.

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