Family Friendly Countertops

If you have a family with young children you know that accidental spills and big messes are inevitable, especially during meal time. Having a durable countertop to hold up to those spills is a must for any family. Most countertops can withstand the everyday wear and tear as long as proper steps are taken to maintain them. There are many options to choose from here in the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan area and you don’t need to sacrifice beauty over durability.


Many people enjoy the look of granite countertops in their kitchens because of their unique designs and all natural beauty. When maintained properly, these countertops can work well for families. They will need to be sealed regularly to protect the stone from absorbing liquids which will help prevent stains. Some areas like around the sink and prep space may need to be sealed more often than areas where small appliances may sit.


A low maintenance option for countertops is quartz since most slabs do not need to be sealed again after installation. This material is typically non-porous so it fights stains and makes clean up a breeze. It is a manufactured product made up primarily of quartz, resins and other pigments which makes it a very durable material. Quartz has been a popular countertop option for both kitchens and bathrooms in the Toledo market.


Perhaps you are on a budget and still want a low-maintenance yet durable option for your project. They can withstand most impacts and do not scratch easily. Laminate is also non-porous and can be easily cleaned with soap and water or a mild household cleaner.


Each of these materials are great for any type of family. They are all easy to clean and maintain so you can enjoy them for many years to come. Discuss which option best suits your lifestyle with a sales specialist at The Countertop Shop.