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Stone Countertop Edges

Finish your countertop with an attractive edge that will complete your look. Edges are a key design feature and are included when you purchase from the Countertop Shop! There are many different shapes and styles to choose from depending on your countertop material and desired finish. Below are the eight edges we offer as some key features to help you pick a suitable style.

Eased Edges

  • Simple design with an understated and unobtrusive finish
  • Perfect for small spaces with tight corners and narrow hallways

¼” Round Edges

  • Slightly curved
  • Perfect for traditional and modern designs in kitchens or bathrooms

Half Bullnose Edges

  • Delicately curved
  • Curved on the top and flat on the bottom
  • Perfect for kitchens and other cooking spaces

Full Bullnose Edges

  • Curved on the top and bottom for an even finish
  • Soft edges for improved safety
  • Beautiful versatility for virtually any space

Bevel Edges

  • Marked by their sharp 45-degree angle
  • Perfect for a well-designed elegant finish

Waterfall Edges

  • Visually appealing
  • Drops vertically down on the sides, creating a continuous flow to the floor
  • Perfect for adding a focal point to the room

Ogee Edges

  • Unique “S” shape feature made of two curves
  • Perfect for larger spaces including kitchens
  • Mainly used for natural stone countertops

Custom Edges

Looking for a custom edge? Our experienced professionals can work with you to design the perfect edge finish for your space. Please call us today at 419-868-9101 or visit our showroom at 9300 Airport Highway, Monclova, OH 43542, to learn more about our custom edge options.

Custom Edges