DIY Laminate Countertop Installation: What Could Go Wrong?

At the Countertop Shop, we always encourage our Monclova, OH area customers to take advantage of our installation services. Why? Our installers have years of training and experience so we can guarantee a fast and accurate installation, fast-forwarding the completion of your kitchen renovation. But if you think you got this, let’s consider these pitfalls that you may run into during your DIY weekend.

I’ll Just Buy a Pre-Cut Section at the Big Box Store

So, you brought home the pre-cut 48-inch section and positioned it on your cabinets. It’s too long. So you need to cut it. You will need a square edge, a circular saw, and sanding block. After that, you will have to return to the store to purchase the end kit to create a matching laminate finish. Add in more time spent cutting, gluing, and sealing. How likely are you to make all the cuts square?

I’ll Just Add an Extra Support for the Island Overhang

You wanted that super deep island with an overhang to tuck the bar stools underneath. Is your laminate countertop strong enough to support four active kids, their elbows, and excitement while chowing down on dinner? So it needs some added brackets underneath. What type will securely fasten to the particle board underneath? Are the brackets strong enough? How do you avoid having the screws pop through the top of the counter?

I’m Upgrading to an Undermount Sink

Did you know that the trending undermount sinks cannot be properly secured to a laminate counter? The product used to create both adhesion and a water-tight seal between the sink and the counter does not work with the porous particle board that supports the laminate surface. Overtime the underside of the laminate counter will rot out with this installation.

It Should Only Take a Few Hours on Saturday

You have watched hours of YouTube videos, measured twice, lined up all of your tools and have time reserved on Saturday afternoon to get this done. The old countertop ripped a corner off a cabinet you are using again. Somehow the supports for the new dishwasher do not line up and there is a gap. Your first cut went crooked. There is a bubble where you applied the laminate to the bare wood. It’s Sunday night, the kitchen is a disaster, and there is no time to fix it all.

The New Cabinets Slid Right into the Old Spots–Now for the Counter

While the new cabinets were ordered to the same size, height, width, and depth as the old ones, they somehow are not level! Before that countertop can be installed, you will have to shim, wiggle, realign, and remeasure. You may even find that your pre-cut counter is not quite long enough.

When you want to avoid the frustration and wobbly final result of attempting your own DIY laminate installation, pick up your phone and call the Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH today. We will get it done right the first time and you are left with the enjoyment of your beautiful new kitchen or bath.