Debunking Granite Countertop Myths

The beauty of granite has many Toledo area homeowners interested in adding this type of countertop into their kitchens. Granite countertops are 100 percent all natural slabs of stone that have an elegant look to help make your kitchen stand out with unique patterns you won’t find anywhere else. Before making the switch to granite, many homeowners do their research to make sure this type of countertop is something they can maintain and afford. Here are some common myths about granite countertops debunked:


Myth: Hard to maintain

Fact: Granite countertops are nearly maintenance free, making them easy to take care of as long as they are properly sealed. They also may need sealed on occasion. While some maintenance is required for granite countertops, it is as easy as caring for any other type of counter. Just be aware of cleaning up spills as soon as they happen. No harsh chemicals or cleaners are needed, just a soft cloth and mild soap and water. There are also some specific products you can buy that are for polishing granite countertops. Polishing them every so often helps them keep their luster and shine.


Myth: Granite stains easily

Fact: One of the benefits of granite countertops is that they are stain, heat, and scratch resistant. Staining may occur if they are not sealed properly or when needed. Most granite slabs are sealed at the factory and resealing is easy and affordable. The sealed finish usually lasts at least five years or longer. As long as you maintain your countertops, they will continue to be stain resistant.


Myth: Granite surfaces can be damaged by heat

Fact: Most cookware manufacturers will not produce pans that are hot enough to damage granite countertops, if they’re placed onto the surface. It is still recommended that a potholder or trivet be used because the heat could take off the sealant used to coat the surface that prevents staining.


Myth: Granite loses its shine after so many years

Fact: This is untrue. Granite rarely shows its wear. But if the stone appears to be dull, simply applying polish specifically for granite will bring the shine right back.


Myth: Granite is the same as Marble

Fact: While both granite and marble are natural stones that can be polished, there are a few differences. Marble is crystallized limestone whereas granite is an igneous rock, which means it is formed through the cooling and solidification of magma. Both are durable but granite is harder than marble, making it more resistant to chips or scratches.


Myth: Granite is expensive

Fact: While the price may be higher than some of the other types of countertops, granite countertop pricing is competitively priced with other popular ones such as stainless steel, quartz or recycled glass. The durability and longevity of granite makes it a smart investment that will only increase a home’s appeal and will not need to be replaced when given the proper care, which saves you money in the long run.