Quartz countertop for bathroom

Creating a Beautiful Bathroom Oasis with Quartz  

Do you envision your updated master bath suite clad in gorgeous stone? You imagine a sea of white counters, a soaker tub, and floor tiles that all perfectly complement your design. But when shopping for materials you discover that no two slabs of marble look alike. Is there a material that delivers a more consistent appearance? Quartz may be the perfect solution for your project.

Quartz: A Beautiful Option for Your Bathroom

While you can find quartz that looks like marble or travertine, you will never need to care for it like you do natural stone surfaces. The resins mixed into the stone aggregate harden into a waterproof surface. You only need to use a soft cloth and gentle soap to wipe away hard water spots and any signs of soap scum. The colors resist fading, ensuring that your renovation stays looking like new for years. You can find quartz available in nearly every color of the rainbow ready to bring your design to life.

Design a Seamless Spa with Matching Wall Panels

Since you can order matching quartz slabs, you can easily source enough material to create a stunning walk-in shower enclosure. The slabs can be mounted on the walls by your tiling expert. Now your vanity counter, toilet top, and open shelves perfectly complement your unique shower. They can be used for the surround of your jetted spa tub, too.

Wrap Your Vanity for that 5-Star Hotel Appeal

Have you seen those gorgeous marble vanities on Pinterest? There is a good chance that your inspiration images are actually made using quartz. Quartz slabs can be joined with a mitered edge, neatly enclosing your vanity in an opulent and unique finish designed to dazzle. Every surface that you touch will reflect a sumptuous image.

Designed to Last for Decades

While quartz is a man-made material, it starts life as the ground-up dust and pebbles of the granite quarry process. Combined with resins and hardened in a kiln, it becomes as hard and durable as stone. Quartz resists stains, cracks, and scratches. You can expect a quartz countertop and quartz wall panels to survive until it is time to remodel the bathroom again, whether that is 10 or 50 years in the future. Minor damage can even be fixed using an invisible repair.

Would you like to further explore all the options available for your bathroom upgrade? Come visit The Countertop Shop out by the airport in Monclova. Our showroom is filled with real-life samples of all of our most popular countertop materials, including large sample displays of many producers of quartz. Bring your inspiration boards and samples to complete your vision and select a slab just right for your space.