5 Creative Tips for Using Granite in Your Kitchen Renovation

Do you love the rich look of granite and can’t get enough of natural stone in your home decor? Explore new ways to use this rugged and durable material when designing your next kitchen renovation.

  1. Add Matching Granite Open Shelves to Complement Your Counters

Do you love the current trend of setting your beautiful dishes and serving ware out on open shelves instead of hiding them behind wood cabinet doors? Take the look to the next step by installing open granite shelves with chunky stacked edges using the same slab that you selected for your countertops. It creates a more rugged look for your kitchen while adding an extra layer of luxury.

  1. Make a Showpiece Out of Your Hood by Carrying the Granite up the Wall

Did you pick out a stunning new stainless-steel stove and exhaust hood for your kitchen renovation? That hood will draw attention since it creates a break in your custom wood upper cabinets. By mounting matching granite on the wall behind the stove, you create a seamless design that highlights the beauty of the stone while minimizing the importance of the hood in the viewer’s eye. Select a stone with complementing flecks of copper or quartz to unify the color palette.

  1. A Sculpted Island Countertop Softens Your Kitchen Design

Are you searching for a way to break up all the sharp angles in your kitchen? Your appliances, doors, counters…just about everything in sight is a square or rectangle. Switch it up when you have your island granite countertop cut in an oval or with rounded corners. Add beveled edges for a picture frame effect. The new shape will bring movement and natural flow to the traditional floor plan.

  1. Add a Drink Station or Wet Bar to Your Spacious Dining Area

Does it seem like your island or counters are always crowded with coffee cups, soda fizzing machines, and blenders? Expand your entertaining space by installing a drink station on the other end of the dining area. Top the cabinet with the same granite used throughout the kitchen to tie the rooms together. Now your guests and kids will be gathered around the drink station instead of underfoot while you are chopping vegetables.

  1. Define Your Open Concept Space with Contrasting Island Cabinets and Counters

Does your island serve double duty as your dining table and extra prep space? If your open concept living area seems a little too monotone, think about creating a visual change by adding a black wood island with a rich copper-colored granite countertop to define the eating space from your all-white kitchen.

Need more ideas? Get inspired when you visit our showroom at The Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH. See examples of cabinetry, sinks, faucets, and lighting all paired with a wide range of natural stone and quartz countertops.